Need -- add specific date _range_

It would be great to be able to set a date range for a need, rather than just happens on or runs until. That would allow us to manage needs for multiple days without having to clone them multiple times.

We currently recommend using the runs until or ongoing option for needs that span more than one day. I will make note of this request for future enhancement cycles. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, Doug. I appreciate you including this for future consideration.

Maybe what I am asking for is more of a "Publish Date of when the information will display."

Let's say, I know now that I will have opportunities from Nov. 10 to Nov. 15, and I don't them to start showing up on my calendar until September 1st.

Adding a date range, would allow me to set this up now and know that it will display when it's supposed to. I can't set it up now and use "runs until" because I don't want it to display yet. Ongoing won't work for the same reason.