What Icons Would You Like to See?

Get Connected 2.0 includes 32 icons from which to choose for your interests and causes. Are there icons that you'd like us to add? If so, please let us know here! When making a suggestion, please give us examples of what interests or causes that icon might cover. Thanks!

Keep those suggestions coming! We were able to add some of the requested icons as part of our 2.6 upgrade and hope to add more soon!

Paintbrush (the paint a wall kind, not artist kind).

Bus Line (bus icon); Site Accessible (wheelchair icon); Family (Group image icon); Animals (dog/cat/etc icon)

Thanks for your suggestions, Carey! I have added them to my list, and I'll present them our enhancements meeting this week.

Holiday (snowflake?) and Mentoring (Big Person w/ Little Person?) icon

Erica, thanks for the suggestions! We already have an icon for arts & culture (the painter's palette). Are you thinking of another icon that might represent a different area of the arts? If so, can you give me a specific example/suggestion? Thanks!


Arts & Culture

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