Add Race/Ethnicity to the User Profile

The profile includes gender, age (and birthdate), and even income level. Would really like to capture Race/Ethnicity as well, as an optional question like the others.

Hi, Liahann, thanks for your request. While you can add race/ethnicity to the user registration form (and access that information at any time for reporting), we do not include it in the user's profile. We have had a few requests to add different items (or remove existing items) to the profile, and we have added your request to that list. If we do make changes to the profile at some point, we'll take all of those requests into account. Thanks!

Thanks - it seemed odd that income level made the cut, and race/ethnicity did not as a standard question.  We're fine adding it ourselves once there's a way to do it without it being part of the 'quick sign-up', but still think it should be a standard option.


Thanks, will wait to see what happens

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