Filled Needs don't debit off the Advanced Events system

In Advanced Events, the filled needs stay on the list so there are a bunch of needs with "0" openings. This makes it difficult for the volunteers to sift through the needs to find one that is open. Is there a way for those needs to clear off the list once they are full? I have been working around it by moving the need from public to private but that is a lot of extra work on the Volunteer Center end. Advanced Events is a module that needs a lot of work to make it usable for Volunteer Centers. Volunteers can sort by "fewest" or "most" openings available but the filled ones are still there.

Hi, Patti,

You've made a really great point! I can see how it can get in the way to have all of the filled needs listed with those that aren't yet filled. One benefit to having the needs remain visible is that people who have registered can easily access the need if they need to unregister.

Still, I understand why you'd like to hide the filled needs. Get Connected doesn't currently have a way to do this; I can, however, ask our Development Team to consider such a feature as a future enhancement. In the meantime, users can search for the needs with the most openings available. (Making the needs private can work as well, though it can be problematic if someone wants to unregister for a need.)

Thanks so much for bringing this up, Patti!

I believe that all of the opportunities to which volunteers respond are listed on their dashboard so they would see them and be able to edit them when they first log into the site. Is that correct?

Yes, that is one way a person can access the need to which they've responded. The other, of course, is to click on the need itself and select to unregister.

I didn't think to mention this in my previous response that another reason (and perhaps the main reason) we keep the needs up there is that people are often more likely to respond to a need if they think the needs are filling up quickly. In my enhancement request, I've requested that admins have the option of hiding filled needs--and not to automatically hide the filled needs. Many of our admins like showing that people are actively signing up for needs, and that the spots are filling up quickly. The best way to display this is to show that the spots have indeed been filled! :-)

Thanks again for your suggestion. It's included in the enhancements requests and will be considered for our next round of enhancements!

Hi There,

I'm having the opposite problem now. We would like the AEM opportunities to remain visible after they have filled - for the reason that you mentioned previously. The page looks very lonely now that many opportunities are filled. Is there the option to keep them visible once they've been filled?

Hi, Beverly! We now offer the option to hide (or show) filled needs. Here's what you can do:

  1. From your Manager Panel, go to Settings > Main Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Needs area, located in the right-hand column near the bottom of the page.

  3. Switch the Show Full Needs setting to Yes.

  4. Click Update Settings.

And that should fix the problem! I hope this helps, Beverly!


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