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Expand Available Template Keys: Only four template keys can be used interchangeably in notification templates: to_firstname, signature, domain ID, and site link. There are a few other templates we would like to insert a key that’s not readily available. Can we make more keys interchangeable? For example: Upcoming Need Reminder Template, we would like to also insert {{agency_contact}} {{agency_email}}, {{agency_email}}.

Issue: Our reminder reads: This is a reminder that you signed up to volunteer with {{agency_name}}'s project, {{need_title}},  {{need_date}}. To review the details of this project, click here: {{need_link}}. We're glad you will be lending a hand. {{agency_name}} is looking forward to meeting you.If you need any additional information or to communicate a change, please contact {{agency_name}}. If you are unable to reach the volunteer coordinator at {{agency_name}} please let me know.

Benefit: I would be nice to provide the contact information so the volunteer would not have to search for the information.

I agree! The notification that we would like this added to the most would be the notice to the agency that a volunteer responded to their need. Rather than just saying a volunteer has signed up, log in to view, It would be great if we could say, <FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME> at <EMAIL> has signed up. This is a template key when a volunteer unregistered so I think it should also be one when they register.

Hi, Kathleen,

As I mentioned in response to another request, we'll soon be adding an option for agency managers to provide contact information for individual needs. When a volunteer receives a confirmation, they'll have the option to click through to the need and access the contact information.

That being said, I can definitely see the usefulness of having this information included in the email itself. The reason we don't currently have it is that we don't have fields for it in the need form, so there is nothing to pull. I'll make a note to consider adding this template key as part of the other enhancements that are upcoming. Thanks!

Hi, Rachael,

The notification that goes to an agency manager when a volunteer responds to their need is titled, "Need Response Notice Agency." It includes template keys for volunteer first name (user_fname), volunteer last name (user_lname), and volunteer email address (user_email). You can insert these template keys into the template so that your agency managers can see exactly who volunteered and how to contact them!

You can learn more about this notification's template keys in this article. As far as adding template keys to a notification, we explain how to do that here.

Thanks for your comment, Rachael! If I've misunderstood your suggestion or am looking at the wrong template, please let me know.

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