Cause and Interests = Expand number available

Opportunity interests: Expand the number of agency cause and opportunity interests.

Issue: Current limit is 16 for agency causes and opportunity interests. Sometimes none of the 16 selections work for an agency or opportunity. Are there any plans to increase that limit to more than 16?

Benefit: Better communication and matching options


Hi, Kathleen,

There currently are no plans to increase the number. If the 16 default causes and interests are not meeting your needs, you can replace them with custom causes and interests that are more appropriate for the work that nonprofits are doing in your community. Check out this article on specifying custom causes and interests!

I would second the increase - to at least 20. We currently have 17 in our system and I can think of at least 2 more to add (transportation, animals) and still have a 1 cause cushion. Any insight as to why 16 is the golden number (coding? layout?) ?

Benefit: More organizations in our community/region become involved.

Hi, Sofia,

Sites can only have 16 causes and 16 interests. If your site is showing 17, it is probably because you have added a custom cause or interest. The total shown at the bottom of the screen in the site manager panel is the total listed on the page, not the total active.

We chose 16 for several reasons, mainly coming out of Get Connected 1.0, where sites were allowed to have as many categories as they wanted. (Some had over 100! It was a lot for a user to scroll through!) We took all of the categories people had created and lumped them into larger categories (for example: tutoring, coaching, homework help, elementary school, and teaching all fell under "Education.") We ended up with 16 ... which also happens to look good and balanced on a screen, whether it's on a desktop or a mobile device. In addition, we believe that more than 16 will approach the problem our users had encountered previously--too many categories to scroll through, particularly on a mobile device.

All in all, we want to keep our Connect platforms simple and user-friendly, and we believe that 16 provides plenty of options (particularly with the ability to create custom causes and interests) without making the process too cumbersome for volunteers who are signing up.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi everyone! 

We have some good news! We recently implemented a software enhancement, and we are now allowing sites to have:

0 to 24 interests 

0 to 24 causes 

If you are interested in increasing or decreasing your interests and/or causes, please send a request email to

Thank you for your suggestions!


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