Timing of email notifications

Hello, Galaxy Digital clients! We have received a handful of requests over the years to change the timing for certain notifications, specifically the reminders and the thank-you messages following a date-specific need or an event. Here's our current schedule:

  • Reminders go out one week and one day before the need or event is to occur.

  • Thank-you messages go out one week (7 days) after the need or event occurs, to thank the recipient for volunteering/attending.

We've received a variety of different requests (such as have the "thank you" message go out 24 hours after the event/need occurs, or having the reminder go out three days rather than seven days before), but I'd like to gather more data here.

Please comment to let us know what would be the ideal ranges for both types of messages for you. I can't promise that we can make the change(s) each person requests, but more customer feedback will definitely help us determine how to approach improvements to the timing of these notifications.

Thank you!

Nina Rogers, Lead Technical Writer
Galaxy Digital Customer Care

I agree that a week for thank you's is much too long. I would say 24 hours would be best. I am more open about the reminder but I think 3-5 days would be better. Thanks for asking!

thanks for asking!

1. Reminders = 1 week and one day is good

2. Thank you message - 24 hours/next day after the need or event occurs

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