AEM: Dates/duration

Please offer the same date options/duration for AEM as opportunities with start and end dates. This will allow an agency that is flexible to indicate that. (ie. Any time between these three months.)

Is Ongoing - For needs that do not have an expiration date, do not have pre-scheduled date, and do not occur in shifts.

Runs Until - For needs that are ongoing for a limited time and have a definite "end date."

Happens On - For volunteer opportunities that occur on a particular date.

Recurring Shifts - For needs that occur in shifts and occur at the same time daily, weekly, or monthly

Custom Shifts - For needs that occur in shifts that occur at different times within the same day, or at different times on different days.Request: Please offer the same date selection options available in AEM as opportunities

Hi, Kathleen! Thanks so much for your suggestion. The advanced events module is not slated for this due to programming issues and priorities, but I will definitely take your suggestion into account. Thanks!

Can the capacity be an option on the ongoing opportunity type? 

Hi Liz, 

Ongoing opportunities do not have a capacity because they are by definition, always needing volunteers. An ongoing opportunity is one that you are always looking for people to help out with. If you want to email or post in the Ask Ali! Forum and tell us about the type of volunteer opportunity you're working with, the team will be happy to brainstorm what the best duration type would be! 

Happy Friday,


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