Waiver release check box for entire inititive

Add blanket waiver capability in Initiatives just like AEM

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Rachelle, thanks for the idea. I'll put this one at the top of the list for our next enhancements-discussion meeting for 2.8. Thanks!

Any updates on this? We use initiatives for our days of service (several hundred projects and upwards of 10k volunteers in the course of a year), and want to eliminate the need for all nonprofit partners to administer a paper sign-in/waiver on the day of the project in order to capture the United Way release.

Hi Alexia,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We now offer our Galaxy eSign Waiver that you can attach to each opportunity within the Initiative, so volunteers are required to sign this waiver before responding to those opportunities. If you would like more on how to create and use the eSign waiver, you can check out this article from our help center.

This is a little different from the AEM waiver, so I will make sure to add a request to the enhancement board that will allow you to attach the waiver to the Initiative so you are not forced to add the waiver to every opportunity! 

I hope this is helpful for you! Please reach out to support with any other questions regarding waivers for opportunities.

Happy Monday!


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