Need Shifts in Regular and AEM

Hi there. A couple things that would be VERY helpful:

1. Being able to have an optional brief comment field when setting up shifts for needs.  We are finding it would often be helpful to supply an extra piece of info related to specific shift time within a need, which would limit the necessity of creating multiple Need Posts for the same need when just small details vary.

2.  Being able to offer shifts when posting AEM needs! Especially in a Day of Service type of capacity, an agency offers a half or full day opportunity, but folks often aren't able to commit to needs which are over 2 or 3 hours - as these happen most often on weekends - so we lose out on potential helpers because they are not easily given the option to respond for what would be convenient.  And, if shifts can be offered, the comment field mentioned above would be helpful, too.

Thank you!

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Hi, Pam,

Thanks for your suggestions. We cannot currently offer shifts in AEM. That request has been made in the past, and we are aware of the need to post shifts for events such as Day of Caring. We are working on tools to allow this feature, so stay tuned.

I have recorded your suggestion for shift comment and will bring it up at our next enhancements meeting. Thanks!