Export to Calendar

I think it would be great if an outlook or gcalendar reminder/event could be generated when volunteers respond to a need.  The user could choose to export it to their personal or work calendar at the time of their response.

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Hi, Amanda,

A similar suggestion was actually made here, so if you could put the comment on that page, that will make it easier for us to keep track of everyone who wants similar features. (We have added this our proposed enhancements, and having your name on this list will help to strengthen the argument for a feature like this.)

Thanks for the suggestion!


(I tried to follow the link to the other suggestion but the page no longer seems to exist) With the introduction of Google Calendar reminders to the platform, I'd like to refine this request to target Outlook calendar reminders. We are using the product in a business environment that uses Outlook and actually blocks Google apps like the Google calendar. 

I'd love to see an Outlook Calendar reminder feature alongside the Google Calendar reminder. I think it would provide for much easier adoption of the platform on Microsoft-driven architectures and these two solutions would likely cover the majority of standard implementations of the Galaxy Digital platform. 

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Hi, Rob,

We changed our support software several months ago. We're very happy with the new software, but the downside is that you'll find some broken links to old forum topics from the previous software. I'm very sorry for that inconvenience!

Thanks for your suggestion about Outlook calendars. It think that is a great idea and will make a note of it for development team discussions.