Add Need Title as a template key for " Need Response Notice Agency"

I would like to request that the need title becomes a template key for the auto notification that is sent to agency's notifying them of a volunteer response. If an agency has many opportunities going at once that could mean for a lot of auto notifications and since there might be different people managing different needs it would be nice if the need title could be in the subject line of the auto email. That way agency managers can quickly see what need the response is associated to and know if it is something they need to be aware of. 

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Hi, Rachael,

Thanks for providing the use case of wanting to be able to put the need title in the subject line. That will definitely help strengthen the argument for an enhancement like this. I thought we'd received this suggestion before, but we haven't (that I could find), so I'd added it to my list of items to be discussed at our next enhancements meeting.

Thanks for a great suggestion!


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