Reminder emails/filter by time slot response

It would be most helpful if we could filter need responders by "time slot" response. For example, I have 1 need for 2/10/2017. There are 2 time slots available to respond to. I would have liked to have been able to send separate reminder emails to the responders for each time slot (as there were different parking instructions, etc) through the communications module in the system. Instead, I had to export the responders to Excel, sort by response time, put them into a blind email in get the picture.

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Hi, Amanda,


Would it solve the problem if our automated reminders went out for each shift rather than for the need as a whole? This would save you the trouble of having to manually send reminders.

The reason I ask is that this feature will be available with our next build, to be released in May!

Thanks for your suggestion!


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