Company Feature Gone, Need Ability for Company Leads to Manage and Track Sign ups for a group of needs

Summary: UWKC's other big issue is that the company feature does not work for initiatives and we need a way for leads at companies to see and manage sign ups for a group of needs.

Background: The Company feature is something that we were really excited about when we first signed on to Get Connected. We love having the ability to send a lead person, like a CSR person, a link to all the opportunities that their company was participating in. The fact that through that link the lead could see all the opportunities their employees were a part of for a specific advanced event, see all the responses for each opportunity, see their progress through the bar graphs as well as the total number of spots registered out of total available, and the capability to export all responses were all huge for us! We work with a lot of large companies that participate in our events in a big way. For example, Microsoft makes up half of our volunteers for Day of Caring (around 5,000 volunteers) and has around 150 needs. To be able to assign all of those needs to a company and have the lead at that company be able to track sign ups and actually see sign ups was something we were super excited about, because otherwise we have to send spreadsheets of sign ups to Microsoft on a weekly basis all summer so they are in the loop. We do this all the time for other corporate group projects as well where a lead is managing sign ups.

Request: We are requesting some way for us to be able to send a private link to a company lead so they can see all the needs and sign ups that are happening for their company. We have had great feedback from companies on this capability and are sad that this feature is taken away if we choose to use initiative, which is meant to be the AEM replacement.

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Hi, Rachael,

The best bet for greater company management of standard (non-AEM) needs is Corporate Connect. You as the UW admin would still control the needs and could still manage the data, but the Microsoft CSR would be able to view and manage all of their company's data as much or as little as they want. If you are not using a Corporate Connect portal but still require the features you listed above, then I would recommend continuing to use the AEM for this situation.

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