Ability to make a group of Needs private and only accessible through a link

Request Summary: Our biggest enhancement request that UWKC needs is the ability to make a group of needs private by default.

Background: For Day of Caring as well as other events, we need to set a group of needs aside just for that company. For example, Microsoft makes up half of our volunteers (5000) so we typically pre assign Microsoft 150 needs and then send them a link to all of their day of caring needs, which can only be viewed by a private link. We also get many company requests looking for help coordinating their impact day, for example and we group together needs for their day that are only view-able through a private link for their employees. With initiatives this is not possible and the only options are public or show to user group. User group does not work for us because people have to be pre-added to the user group and might not all have the same domain and people have to be logged in to see the needs associated, which will be a customer service nightmare. Also, the private needs within the user group initiative are not private to that user group so it doesn't solve the problem of if certain people from a user group have a private project just for them.

Request Details: What we are looking for us a functionality that makes any public needs assigned to the private initiative automatically be made private and only view-able if folks received the private initiative link.Private needs within a private initiative would still only be viewable through a private need link and could not be seen through the private initiative link.Perhaps having the ability to put an initiative within an initiative could also help and they we can make that initiative within private for that sub group.

What worked well before: The company feature worked well for grouping needs that needed to be private and then sending that private link to folks but this is not a feature in the new tool. AEM's were in nature private so that also worked for us because you had to spotlight them or send people the link. With the new initiatives there is not any way to make private links for a group of needs.This is a huge issue for our events.

Thanks for your feedback here, Rachael. I think this would definitely save a step and make things easier if needs within an initiative were automatically made private if the initiative is made private. I've added this to our agenda for our next enhancements meeting.

You can now make a group of needs private and assign the needs directly to a user group. While needs are still public by default, the agency manager has the option of making a need private when creating it, and a site manager can also set needs to be manually approved so that they aren't public on the site as soon as they are posted.

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