Electronic Signatures

Would like the ability for users to provide electronic signatures in forms, so they can be done electronically and don't need to be uploaded.

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Nina, I found out that we typically have to have a different release for every event that is sponsored by the University.  Then if the students are participating with another org, they have a release too.  I could only see a way to upload one and not sure if it can change per need and still use Electronic sig.  

This makes tons of sense. Allowing students to sign liability forms through the portal would simplify processes immensely.

If I have 2 forms/waivers that volunteers need to sign, do I need to combine them to use the Electronic Signature?

It would be to provide signatures on liability waivers instead of uploading them.

Hi, Michelle, can you give me more information on this? What kinds of forms are you using on your site that is requiring upload? Are you referring to the forms feature provided in the Content > Custom Forms area? Once I have a better understanding of your request, I should be able to craft a more effective enhancement request.

If possible, please respond here in the Forums so that other site managers can pipe up if they have similar use cases. Thanks, Michelle!

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