Custom Volunteer Roles

Was discussing this with a partner, but was thinking it would be nice if under custom shifts if there could be an additional field added so that you could have all the "roles" for an individual event within the same need, so for example:

Shift 1:  Ticket Booth 

Shift 2: Concession Stand

Shift 3: Usher 

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Andrew, this is a really interesting idea! I'll definitely bring it up in our next enhancements discussion! Thanks!

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This has come up a lot for us too. It would be Super helpful.

This is a feature that many of our organizations have used and liked in Sign Up Genius.

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I know this thread is old, but I also think that would be super helpful and would like to see it happen.

Thank you!

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I agree as well! We hold volunteer opportunities where it's one event with multiple different activities they can help with. Or maybe allowing the option to put a title to each shift could help with this too. Thanks!

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Looks like this has been under consideration for 2 years. We would also find it helpful. Is it currently available?

Hi Everyone, 

This suggestion has not been adopted yet. I will add Melanie, Alayna, and Lisa's voices to the request for this change. 

I hope everyone had a great week so far!