Viewing Responses for Private Opportunities using the response bar graph

I have gotten complaints from volunteers and agencies that it is not intuitive where they are supposed to go to view responses for private opportunities. There is a response bar graph that agencies are supposed to click on within the advanced event and the response bar graph is also used for the company private link. Folks do not think to click on the response bar graph to view responses. Anything that would make this more obvious would be a great enhancement for us. A link next to or above the bar graph that says click here to view responses could be a solution.

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Hi, Rachael,

Thanks for your suggestion. If you hover over the bar graph, you'll see the "View Responses" message, but I agree--it could probably be more intuitive! I'll put in an enhancement request for some kind of heading that makes things clearer.

In the meantime, we have help articles for both agency managers and company managers. These articles go into detail on participating in an advanced event, both from the agency manager perspective and the company manager perspective. If you haven't already made these available to your agency and company contacts, you might want to do so before the next big advanced event. Here they are:

I hope this helps, Rachael! In the meantime, I'll add your request for a clearer instructions on how to access the Add/View Responses area.

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