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Another spot agency users were confused was in the “ADVANCED EVENTS” area, where the ADD OPPORTUNITY button and screen looked identical to the regular opportunity add – nothing on the screen changed significantly to let them know they were successfully “in” the event.

Would it be difficult to either change the display on the ADD OPPORTUNITY button in AEM, or just have something display at top of AEM entry screen to let them know where they were? Especially if running multiple advanced events, it would be very helpful to know they were "in" the correct event. Most of my users wouldn't understand the breadcrumb menu, even if it were prominent.

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Hi, Dee Dee,

Thanks for your suggestion. This same suggestion has come up in the past, but it was always pushed off the priority list by bigger, more needed enhancements to the AEM. We are not currently adding enhancements to the AEM, but I'll add your name to the existing enhancement for future reference.



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