Needs to display how many spots left out of total number of spots

It would be great for opportunities with a certain amount of spaces to say how many are left out of the total number the agency needed. For example a need would say 5/100 spots remaining or something like that. This would be helpful so volunteers know how big of a project they are joining. Perhaps they see the 5 and think that there are 5 spots in total but really there are 95 other people who will be attending but they have just already signed up. This is especially helpful for groups who are looking to volunteer and want to find an opportunity just for their group or company so only want to see projects that have all spots available. This would be most helpful for advanced events because that is when we have the most groups looking for projects just for themselves but also a nice feature for all opportunities.

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Hi, Rachael! We have added this to our enhancement requests. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you Nina, I agree with Rachael, we've had that request from our volunteers.