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For our organization, we have a huge number  - 3,000 plus - who participate in shoreline cleanups. These are casual, easy things that anyone can do and we want them to be really accessible. We are getting feedback that people are not signing up because they don't want to create an account. I would be interested in the option for people to sign up with name and email without creating an account. That way we know how many are coming and have their contact info (in case it is rained out). 

Hi, July!

This is an interesting idea. While you can currently allow people to bypass the registration steps, we don't currently have a way to respond to a need without opening a Connect account. The main reason we do it this way is for the benefit of the site admin who wants to increase their database of volunteers and reach out to increasing numbers of volunteers with more volunteer opportunities. Of course, it defeats the purpose if people aren't signing up in the first place!

I will add a "respond as guest" option to our list of items to discuss as our next enhancements meeting. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi Nina, do you have that "respond as guest" feature available? I think it would be great to get Day of Caring volunteers to register up for needs.

Hi, Teresa!

We do not have a "respond as guest" feature. I brought this up at a recent enhancements meeting to discuss possible enhancements for a version coming out later this fall. If it is selected, it won't be added to the site until then, as we have many other exciting new enhancements planned for our next few releases!

We are also discussing a quicker, more intuitive login method, where a volunteer still has to join the site but can more easily bypass the causes and interests section if all they're trying to do is respond to a need. Again, if this enhancement is selected, it won't be out for a while, but please know that we're aware that people want something like this and are discussing it.



I second the "respond as guest" option!! So many of our volunteers don't end up signing up because they don't want to create an account. As an admin, as long as I get their name and email I don't care about anything else. If the volunteer doesn't want to take advantage of the hours tracking feature, that's on them and I am fine with it.

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Just to make sure everyone is aware, it's possible to skip the registration steps, as explained in this article. That site setting can be used if you're only interested in collect a volunteer's name and email address. An account is still created for the volunteer, but they don't have to go through the steps of selecting causes, interests, and agencies.

We also want our admins to be able to assign people to shifts without having them sign up. For instance, Sue is a senior who wants to sign up for a thrift store shift that has 3 open spots. Sue doesn't use computers or email, but we need to track that she is taking 1 of the 3 spots, and we want to be able to track those hours for her. So we want to be able to register people by name, without an email account. We are aware that you can sign them up using the emails, but a way to proxy register people as a guest would be very helpful to our volunteer coordinators.

I love the ideas listed here! Especially the proxy register as a guest option! I have senior volunteers and volunteers who simply refuse to give email information so this capability would be huge! 

A "respond as guest" enhancement is not currently being considered because volunteers must enter an email address in order to use our system. We realize that site and agency managers want to be able to get people registered for volunteer opportunities quickly, so we have added features that allow volunteers to skip the registration steps and allow site managers to hide the registration steps altogether so that the volunteer only needs to enter their name and email address in order to create an account.

We appreciate everyone's feedback and encourage other site managers to continue posting their suggestions and use cases, both for this idea and others.

We would also be interested in this "guest" sign-up feature. Being sent to a separate sign-up page can sometimes be a barrier for people even if you have minimal sign-up settings, because people can be wary of creating accounts on websites. It would be helpful if people could input their name and email as a one-time "guest" sign-up only.

Hi, Levi, 

I'll definitely add your voice to this enhancement. Thanks so much for posting! In the meantime, I will also plug our Facebook Connect feature wherein individuals can use their Facebook account to quickly log in to the platform.


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