Runs Until Opportunities

It would be great if "runs until" opportunities had a start and end date. We have a lot of opportunities that need volunteers from April-June, for example, so they post it as runs until June but it is not obvious when it starts so volunteers reach out now looking to volunteer now. It would be cool if it says runs from x date to y date on the front end.

Also, it would be great if volunteers could search off more dates than just one. For example the entire month of may or opportunities happening on Thursday's or on the weekends or more options like that.

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Hi, Rachael,

Thanks for the suggestion. Just to clarify, are you asking for something like a "Publish On" field where an agency manager can specify the date they want the need to go live?

For the search feature, the best option at this point is to view the calendar, which lists date-specific needs for each month. I can add your other requests to our list of enhancement ideas to discuss at the next meeting. Thanks!

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