Add searching capability to backend of Teams section

It would be very helpful if there was a way to search off of Team and Team Leader in the "Teams" section under "Volunteerism"  on the backend of the site. I get many requests from team leaders to edit group size, group name, etc (especially for day of caring and mlk day). In order to do this I have to filter alphabetically and scroll through all the pages or just use control find on each page to find the group I need to edit. It is very timely and these requests are very frequent (especially the edit group size since the project leader doesn't have the capability to do this). It would also be great if when you are in a user account on the backend you could go to the TEAMS section and the team name was linked and clickable so you could edit the team from the user account. The opportunity name and organization is linked and clickable, which is great! But not the team name.

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Hi, Rachael, 

Your request for search options has already been added to our enhancement requests (someone else asked for it a while back), and it's currently one of our highest priorities for our 2.13 build, due out in early 2018!

I'll add your request regarding a "Teams" section in the back-end user profile. Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!


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