Request for manage group section to be more user friendly for team leaders


When a volunteer signs up for an opportunity as a team leader they then have access to the "manage group" page. The manage group page is not very user friendly. I have received several questions about this page from volunteers wondering what the number at the top means, how many people they actually have registered and the total size of the group. People are getting confused and think that the top number is the total number of slots they have including registered people and blank/reserved slots. If this could be made clearer that would greatly benefit the volunteer experience and would lead to less customer service on our end. If it could be clearly broken down to total group size, number of people signed up, and remaining blank spots listed at the top or something like that, that would be helpful. Also if there was a link straight to the project from there I think that would also be helpful. Thanks!

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Hi, Rachael, thanks for the input. We'll revisit the Manage Teams page in light of your suggestions. It may be possible for us to change some of these without going through the enhancements cycle, if it's a matter of adding explanatory/help text.



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