Enhancement to allow project leaders of a team to export responses

It would be great if project leaders could export their team into excel. Project leaders are the backbone of our days of service events and do so much coordinating for us. With 13,000 volunteers we really need them to be active in getting their group in the loop. It would be great if the project leader could export their volunteer list and the export could include the volunteer members names, emails and initiative questions. That way, a project leader could do a mail merge to their team if needed or upload those emails into another system. In addition, we ask volunteers to enter in their t-shirt size and then we ask project leaders to come and pick up all of their team's shirts. However, the only way a project leader could get a list of their teams shirts currently is by clicking on the edit button of each response and seeing what the volunteer entered. Currently I have to pull this information for leaders and it would be great if they could pull themselves. thanks!

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Hi Rachael,

This has been requested by several clients, and it's in our current priority list for an upcoming build. Thanks!


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