Custom Shifts on Advanced Event Modules

Please add custom shifts to the AEM! We have several examples of us having to post work-arounds for multiple shifts for an event because the AEM doesn't allow this, but our biggest example is our current challenge: we are hosting volunteer registration for the Women's Convention in Detroit. My original plan was to post all opps on an AEM, however, I won't be doing that because it would mean I need to post 81 individual opportunities given the number of volunteer opportunities, days, and shifts we have. Instead, I'm posting them as individual opportunities by position (i.e. "registration" with custom shifts) and then creating a blog post with the direct links, and then spotlighting that blog on the main page. It's a not great work-around for something that could be accomplished with custom shifts on the AEM. Thanks!

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Hi, Kristen,

We are no longer scheduling enhancements to the AEM. Have you considered using an initiative for your upcoming convention? Many of our clients have found initiatives to be a good, and often simpler, alternative to advanced events. You could then have a spotlight to the initiative (which would then show all of the needs) rather than listing them in a blog post.

If you'd like more detailed guidance regarding initiatives, just let us know by submitting a ticket to our Customer Care Team. We'll be happy to work with you to figure out the best way to organize and manage your event on your Connect site.

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