Issue with 2 accounts being created with respond as a group feature

We have been having some issues with many volunteers creating two accounts by mistake. A person will click on the "respond as a team" for a project while logged into an account associated to their work email. Then they will create a group name and then are asked to register themselves first as the project leader to claim all the spots. So they register themselves but then type in another email - such as a personal email. This unknowingly creates another account for them and connects this project and registration to another account they have no idea about. Then later they login to their work account and don't see a project.

Not sure the best solution here. Perhaps there could be an options that just says "register myself as the lead" so they don't use a new email. Or perhaps the respond as a group option could automatically sign them up since it is possible to change the leader to someone else later or delete their response later. If they are responding as a group they are most likely going to be at the project anyway so it already does seem odd to me that they have to enter their name and email in the first place when they are already logged in. Happy to chat more about this and anything to make this process more intuitive would be helpful. People are having a hard time navigating this part of the site.Thanks!

Hi, Rachael,

We actually have an "I am the team leader" checkbox in the works for our next enhancement cycle, and I think this will solve the problem. If that box is checked, the volunteer's name and email will be entered automatically. I'll add your voice to that enhancement request to help ensure that it's high on the priority list. Thanks!


Also, if you know of other site managers who would like this feature, feel free to encourage them to chime in here!


I think this enhancement is a great idea.  Have not run into it yet but can see where it would be a problem.


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