Ability to add responses without profile being made

As site managers we would like to be able to add volunteer responses to a need without the volunteer having to be registered in the system first. Currently they have to create a profile first before you can add their response on the backend. I would like to just be able to type in their name and email and if they have an account then that populates and if they don't have an account then this starts the process for creating their account and sends them an email letting them know their profile has been started and they were added to a need. This is already something that we can do for group members so I am wondering if it can be done for individual responses.

We would also like there to be an ability for agency managers to do the same thing and add responses to their needs without the volunteers needing to create a profile first. Currently, agency managers can't add volunteers to their needs unless they have a profile. Many agencies have expressed interest in wanting the ability to just add a name and email and if they're not in the system that volunteer will be notified to finish their profile.

Hi Rachael -


Thanks for your suggestion! The ability to respond as a guest has been brought up previously in our enhancements discussions, but we are not moving forward with it at this time. I will add your name to list of people who have requested this feature. 




Ditto to everything Rachel suggested!!

Hi Katie, thanks for voicing your support for this idea. I will add you to the list of people who want to see this implemented and be sure to bring this up in our next enhancements meeting!

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