Public/Private Feature for Events

We LOVE the new public/private option on opportunities, but also desperately need it on events! Because we work with so many corporate partners and non-corporate groups, we are constantly having to use advanced finds to make events (and formerly opportunities) private. The new public/private feature on opportunities has saved us a ton of headaches, and we'd love to see it on events as well.

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Hi, Kristen! I'm so glad you love the new public/private option! We don't currently have plans to do the same with events, as we haven't received requests for such. I'll add it to our enhancements list for consideration. Often when we bring up an enhancement idea, we're asked for "use cases," so can you give me some examples of the types of events you would want to make private?

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi. I was searching for a way to make an event private and ran across this thread.  We have several events that we would like to make private.  

Example, we have an invitation only dinner we would like to post and track responses through the system.  What is your suggestion?

Hi Letitia -


An option is to create a private need and send the need link out to the invitees.


Please be aware that the event will be treated like a need, since you're posting it as a need. That will include:

  • You have to pick an interest for the "need."

  • When users RSVP, they'll have to click "Respond," which could be a little misleading.

  • People who respond will get an email thanking them for volunteering.

  • Reporting will not be as accurate since it will include this event with all of the needs on the site.

I hope this helps!


Would love the option of private events for selected users. Thanks! -Tony

Thanks Tony!

I've added your voice to that request. 

Have a good one :) 


Hi, We have several internal events for particular users only, such as training sessions, etc. We need the ability to make events private to only these groups please :)

Hi Brianna!

Thanks for posting. I'll make sure to add your voice to the request as well. 

Happy Friday :) 


We would like to have the option for private events also, for training sessions and such. Please consider making this an option! 

Hi Tara, 

Thank you for adding your support to this suggestion! I'll make sure that Development knows that another admin is in favor of this enhancement. 

Have a great weekend!

I would definitely love the private option for events as well.

Hi Calondra, 

I will add your voice to the request. Thanks for posting! 

I hope you have a great Tuesday. 


We would love to be able to use the Events feature however, without the private option we can rarely utilize it.

Hi Jacqueline, 

I've updated the request to include your voice! Do you have any specific examples of events you would want to be private and why they can't be opportunities for me to add to your two cents? The more details the better for the development team to consider. 



did this ever come about, because I'd love to have a feature to make an event private as well?

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