Name Badge Scanners

I had a request from one of our community agencies- name badges for our volunteers so that they can just swipe a badge to check in and out!

I know this would be a HUGE endevor, but wanted to share it with you anyway. We live in a small community and many of the same volunteers are working with LOTS of agencies and they'd enjoy the feature of name badge swiping.

Hi, Jenny,

Thanks for passing this along! It's been requested one other time in the past, but you are correct--this would be a huge endeavor, and it's not something we've been able to consider yet. I'll get this documented however, and as more people request it, we may be able to consider it as a higher priority in the future. Thanks!


I could envision personalized QR codes being generated by the system and emailed to volunteers.  Volunteers could then display it on their phone (or hard copy) a have it read in at the agency site on the day of an event.

In it's simplest form the QR code would only need their email address.  Assuming the reading device contains the event information, the email address in the QR code is all that is needed to get them signed in.

A simply extension would be to use the same QR code for signing out as well which should make time tracking a snap.



Hi Larus - 

Thanks for reaching out! This feature has been brought up in our discussions previously. So far, we haven't taken action on this request due to the scope of the project. I will add your name to the list of people who have requested this feature. 

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