Volunteer check: Add waiver release received check box on sign-on.

Volunteer check – enhancement: Add waiver release received check box on sign-on.

Issue: If the volunteer did not previously respond to a need/opportunity, (doesn’t have an account),  and shows up for the volunteer activity, if they provide first, last name and email, the system creates a need response for them at the time of check-in.  Issue: capture the release waiver information for that volunteer. Please add a check box that states “paper release form received.”

Benefit: Photo and liability release form information is collected and tracked in system.


Hi, Kathleen! Thanks for your suggestion! We all agree that it is a great suggestion--in fact, we already have it listed in our priorities for the next release. I'll add your name and your helpful description to the request. Thanks!

I too would be grateful to have a waiver check box on check in screen for volunteers that have not created an account and have shown up to volunteer. When do expect this release?  

Hi Louise -

Thanks for your comment! I will add your name to the list of people interested in this feature. It is still in our discussion priority list. We do not have this set for an enhancement at this time. 

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