Volunteer Resume Information

I wonder if it would be possible to include the answers to the questions that students answer when submitting their hours on their volunteer resumes?

For example, we use those questions to learn if they completed those hours for a requirement such as class or scholarship. They then submit their volunteer resumes to their professors or staff members as proof that they completed the required hours, but because this information about why they volunteered is not listed on the resumes, it is easy for them to use volunteer work for more than one purpose. 

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Hi Lindsay -

Thank you for your comments. Our clients use the hours questions for many different reasons, and not all of them would be applicable for a volunteer resume.

As a workaround, the student can export their hours, and select which hours they want to export. Not only can the export only include a set of selected hours (such as those done for a scholarship or for course requirements), but they also include any answers to custom questions that were answered when submitting the hours. The export isn't as pretty as the resume, but it does provide the information you mentioned. 

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