Description Field added to Time Tracking

I have received a lot of feedback from our various partners about wanting to be able to view the description text entered by users when they submit hours for approvals. This would be extremely helpful for our partners, especially those with a high number of volunteers.  

Hi, Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew! Are you asking that agency managers be able to see the descriptions under the Stats tab? I can put in a request, but I imagine it will be a tough sell since there isn't a lot of room on the screen for a description. If we add it, it would make for a very crowded table, and agency managers would likely need to scroll from left to right to see everything. This could also prevent viewing challenges on a mobile device.

I do want to let you know that agency managers can export hours from the Stats tab, and the export includes all of the entries for the Description field. This isn't as convenient as having the text right there on the screen, but they do have relatively easy access to that information.

Please let me know if I've misunderstood your question. Thanks for your feedback!

Along this line...why doesn't description text appear on resume. That is where the information is wanted by the user. They are trying to quantify their impact or describe skills they used during the need. Like in a resume, it showcases their experience. Our Need titles are headlines to attract attention not necessarily telling what happened.

Thanks for your feedback. This request has been documented and will be discussed further as more clients make similar requests.

I'd like to sort of bump this one again, because it's routinely one of the things I hear from my organization managers, and also find myself wanting. 

I'd like to be able to see the user-entered description text in the hour approval area on the agency manager view. 

I know that they can get it from the stats tab, but that's often an extra step many don't want to take if they could just have it there in the first place -- perhaps as a filter option. 

This is especially helpful for organizations where volunteers may be working more independently and its good to have the description of what they're doing before approving hours. 

Good news! This enhancement is scheduled to be included with our version 2.14 release this summer!

can the site manager edit the information on the need so that a series of questions comes up for each volunteer to answer when they record their hours?  

Hi Carolynne!

Happy Friday! Although site managers cannot edit needs to have questions that pop up when volunteers submit hours for that need, there is a way for site managers to create two custom questions that volunteers will answer when submitting hours for any need. Does that sound like it would be helpful to your site? 

Thank you!


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