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When we check-in our volunteers it is in waves 500-1,000 volunteers all at one time. Typically at our events we have 10-20 areas the volunteers can serve in. It would be extremely helpful if the check-in portion had the option to sort all volunteers by last name without have to click on each individual volunteer opportunity to find them. After our last event, due needing a speedy check in process and not being able to utilize the current check-in system the site offers, I had to spend an additional two and a half days manually entering all the volunteer hours. Again, it would be a tremendous help if Galaxy Digital could create a check in feature will all volunteers in one place (similar to the exported page you receive when you export volunteers). Name, email, phone number, the shift time, volunteer opportunity, etc. 

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Hi Marchelle - 

Thanks for your suggestion! We are working on some improvements to check-in that we think you may like! I will write up a product suggestion for improving the agency manager experience during check-in and note your comments. 

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