Check-in for first time users

When checking in first-time volunteers at the time of the event/opportunity the current format requires the volunteers first name, last name, and email address. For our organization it would be extremely beneficial if there was the option to slightly customize it. I know each organization deems different information more crucial and we want check-in to be a fast as possible. Perhaps we can have the option of one custom text field so we may collect our "important" information. For us specifically, I cannot express how helpful it would be to have a text field to enter the volunteers group affiliation. The reasoning this is crucial for us is after each large event we like to see who has participated outside of our church congregation. With the group affiliation captured we have to ability to start building strong relationships with other organizations as well as businesses in our local community. Being that we are a non-profit these relationships can potentially turn into various donations (volunteers, food, products, financial support, etc.) which helps our organization's events take place. We currently have it as a required field when the volunteer completes their profile, but that is only helpful if the volunteer finishes the profile set up. Otherwise, that is data and information lost for us or we must have two different systems for the check-in process.

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I'm giving this a thumbs up primarily because I would love to see more options to add custom fields in general. I don't use the volunteer signin option but this ability to add a custom field here sounds like a really useful addition. 

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