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Automated Reminder Emails for Logging Volunteer Hours

It would be very helpful to be able to send automated reminder emails to volunteers responding to certain ongoing needs/projects making sure they log their hours, as opposed to individually reminding all of our volunteers. 

Hi Hannah -

Thanks so much for your comments! I have added this to our enhancements request list. I will bring it up in our next enhancements meeting.


Hi, Hannah,

At one time, we did have daily and monthly notifications that reminded people to log their hours. Because it required a lot of queries (seeing who had responded to what, if a shift date had passed, if they had logged their hours yet, etc.), it caused slowdowns and sometimes crashes to our database. We ended up discontinuing the notification as a result. We can look at bringing it back in a different form, but in the meantime, I would recommend adding a reminder to the need follow-up template that goes out automatically.


Nina Rogers

Content Manager, Galaxy Digital

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