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I have a very engaged agency who has accumulated over 10 pages of opportunities over the past year.  Most of them are expired at this point since they were over the holidays.  Now she has three active/unexpired opportunities, though one of them is located on page 10 which is extremely inconvenient and made it necessary for her to scroll through 9 pages before she could find it to manage her responses.  I would like to suggest one of two things.  Either a change is made so that when an opportunity expires it is automatically converted to inactive status, then the current "hide inactive" needs/opportunities button becomes more useful.  OR, create an additional button for hiding "expired needs".  This would make navigation to current needs/opportunities much easier as they would bubble up to the top when prompted to do so.  Thank you for your consideration!!!

Lynn Lauritzen

PATH Volunteer Center

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Lynn, thanks for adding your request here. We can't make expired needs inactive, as that will cause associated information (responses and hours in particular) to not show up on certain reports. We can, however, look into adding a Show/Hide Expired button for agency managers. (Inactive needs are already hidden by default.)

This request has been made before (prior to the development of this forum), so I will revive our discussion on it in our next enhancements meeting. In the meantime, if other site managers would like to see this feature, please vote and leave a comment. Also, you can learn more about active/inactive and expired needs in this item from our FAQ. Thanks!

I agree that this is a really necessary suggestion. In addition to making things easier for agencies that have a long list of opportunities, just the fact that the option is there to choose to show/hide "expired" and "not expired" (is that the alternative??)  along with the existing option to show/hide "active" "inactive" will help agency users with the confusion generated by the terms. They will be able to see the different options and the definitions will be clearer to users. 

And once it's added, it would be good to see the table filter options "toggle column display" changed so the current field title says "Active/Inactive" instead of "Status" and the additional field we are talking about shows on that filter list as "Expired/Not Expired" and of course the column headers will need to be shorter so just the word "Active" and "Expired"  would show up when those options are checked. 


Molly - 

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