Better views/tools for agency partners

We really miss this view that was available in advanced events but is not something available for general opportunities or initiatives. It allows agency partners to quickly see how many people have signed up for their opportunities out of the total spots. For agencies who have a lot of opportunities it is a really helpful feature that allows agencies to see quickly the status of their sign ups without having to go in and click on each individual opportunity.

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Rachael, are you referring to the graph in advanced events? We are looking at adding numeric indicators of how many people have signed up compared to slots available. Because we already include so much information in the tables, presenting the data as a graph may not work. I do agree that it was a useful visual. I'll make a note of this, and if we get more feedback from other site managers, I may be able to argue better for it as an enhancement.

Thanks for the feedback! My apologies for taking so long to respond--we have gone through some transition with both our team and our support software, and a few of these older suggestions were missed.



It doesn't necessarily have to be a graph, but clicking on "Responses" on each need to see how many people are signed up is really frustrating. There should be some sort of X out of # slots filled verbiage on the overall Needs page for Agency Managers for each need.

Heather, you can use the table filter in the agency management area to view total capacity vs. responses. Just click Table Filter and mark the boxes for Total Capacity and Total Responses, and those columns will be added to the table:

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