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AEM Enhancements

I highly recommend reconsidering adding enhancements to AEM.  We use AEM much more than initiatives for multiple types of events.  One specific enhancement I want to recommend is adding the company live preview link to the "All Opportunities" export feature within an AEM event.  The reason being we use the all opportunities export feature when organizing events such as Day of Caring and would like to send the companies the link to where they will sign-up volunteers.  There is a manual work around now, but including the live preview link would be a time saver and would prevent us from sending companies two emails- one from us with their project information and another from the system that usually gets trapped in spam.  Thanks!

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Hi, Michelle,

My apologies for not responding sooner. We have been going through some changes with our support software and some of the forum posts fell through the cracks.

I can ask about adding this to AEM, but as you know, AEM enhancements are no longer being considered by Development. A more effective product suggestion might be for a "user group leader" role that can be used with initiatives and needs (similar to the company manager role in AEM). I have brought that up in the past and can bring it up again. I don't see a product suggestion for that here in the forums, but if you want to add one, other site managers can see it and respond to/vote for it.


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