Ability to 'uncheck' checkboxes in needs

For the three yes/no fields that are not required within needs:

Family Friendly
Wheelchair Accessible

Can we had the option to uncheck again so that both are blank? Or add a "N/A" button to get them unchecked that will make that field not show on the public side the way it doesn't show when both are left blank. 

"Not Family Friendly" is the one that is really not a good thing to see on the public facing view. I can't think of a better way to say that since it is so subjective.


Molly -

Molly, I think this request has come up before, so I will add your name to it. Right now we're limited by the tool we use for radio buttons, so perhaps we need to look at something else. Thanks for your suggestion!


I would like to strongly suggest this for consideration again. I see this was originally requested 2 years ago. I am a new client and would like to see this change soon.   Thanks!  

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for expressing your thoughts on this! Because of your support we were able to push this suggestion through in a recent software enhancement update. You're now able to select N/A when filling out any of the fields you mentioned above within a need's editing page.

Thanks again,


CX Specialist

She / Her

I was really excited about this enhancement--but my site doesn't seem to have this NA option for either current or new Opportunities.

Hi Karyn, 

I took a peek at your site and I'm seeing the N/A option on your need called "Bat Survey Data Collecting". If you're still not seeing the option please open a ticket by emailing That's the fastest way to get help when you have questions like this one! 

Happy Friday,


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