Ability to add custom fields for agencies and needs

I know I posted this recommendation in a different forum earlier, but I don't think it was in this product suggestions queue so I'm adding it here as well to see if others think it would be useful. 

We need to be able to create custom fields within agency records to manage multiple things that can't be handled with tags, clusters and notes. Ideally we'd like to also be able to create custom fields within needs, but that is not as critical as within agencies for us.

It is great that the software has the option to add various types of custom fields to user records, we need the same for agencies and needs. 

Ideally we'd like options to have these custom fields admin view only (like comments now function); as well as fields that agencies can see and respond to that don't show on the public side; and also fields that agencies could see and respond to that could show on the public facing side as well. 

Understanding that those variables all add different and additional complication for developers, we'd be happy with just some of these options if at all possible.

Thank you! Molly Callaway, www.montgomeryserves.org 




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Molly, this enhancement was considered last year but did not make it to the priority list and was not adopted. I can bring it up for reconsideration in a future meeting. In the meantime, if other site managers would like to vote for this one and share their use cases (including why this enhancement would be useful for them), that will help strengthen the argument for this request. Thanks!