Agency sign up text overrides

It would be helpful for the ability to override the text under "Sign up your agency" on

We would like to add something like the following so that we can be more explicit in the agency sign up process, and to redirect those who want to be added as an agency manager:

"To add an agency to UNC Engage, and post your partnership opportunities, please complete the form below. Once your request is reviewed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to manage your profile and post engagement opportunities.

If your agency already has an account and you want to be added as a manager, please contact"

We would also like the ability to override the "What we do" and "Who are are" fields and hover text so that we can change it to the following:

What We Do & Who We Are
(hover text:) Your agency's mission, vision, programs, and activities

Why We're Looking to Partner
(hover text:) How partnering will support or enhance your agency's work & impact

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Hi, Melissa,

Good news! With version 2.13, which will be released later this month, you will be able to override the agency sign-up text!

Also, we can already override the Who We Are and What We Do text for you, but we can't override the hover text. Feel free to contact our support team at with your request to override those headings.

Thanks for posting to the forums!



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