Service Resume Visible to Agency Managers

I've had a number of conversations with my agency managers about various things in GC they'd like to see improved, and one of them is the ability to know more about the volunteers when they sign up. 

One idea we had in a brain storming session was for agency managers to be able view the volunteer resume when a someone responds to a need. This would let them know a little bit more about the volunteer, as well as see any benchmarks they've achieved. 

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Hi, Andrew, I just realized that we never replied to this post. We are currently waiting to see if other site managers would like to see a similar feature. For us, there is the privacy issue. We are keeping this post up here, so if you know of other site managers who may want something like this, please point them to your post so they can leave comments and vote for it.

We do recommend that, if someone likes a suggestion, they give us details about their use case, which will help strengthen our argument for an enhancement, or at least suggest a workaround if the enhancement doesn't happen. Thanks as always!


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