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Automatic Text Message Reminders for Volunteers

It would be great if volunteers could choose how to receive reminders for their upcoming volunteer commitment. If text message was an option, that would be wonderful.  I have had many requests by organizations (and potential investors) asking if this was an option. I feel it would be a perfect fit and would relate nicely with all volunteers.

I hope you consider this as an update!

Thanks, Cammie

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Hi, Cammie,

I brought this up to my enhancement team, and this type of change would actually be a very large one--bigger than a typical enhancement. We have recorded your suggestion but will be unable to go forward with this one at this time. If other site managers would like to vote for this suggestion and provide their use cases in the comments, we may revisit it later. Thanks for your feedback!


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Since many people are glued to their phones and not necessarily their email, I'm hoping you all will be adding the auto-text feature to the software too? It would be great to have both the email and text auto-reminder options available and I'm sure our volunteers would appreciate it as well. We REALLY need this capability as we've had many slots go unfilled due to volunteers forgetting about their commitments...with an added level of not checking their email often enough. 

Hi Dominique,

I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for this post! This is a really interesting idea, and I can see how providing the option for automated text notifications to run parallel with our automated email notifications may be helpful for some use cases. I have added “an auto-text feature that sends a site’s automated notifications both to users’ cell phones as well as to users’ email addresses” to our list of product suggestions, and will make sure to discuss this with the rest of the team at our next meeting.

Have a great day!

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I agree with Cammie and Dominique. It would be beneficial to have alternative forms of automated communication other than email. Our volunteers have complained about the amount of emails they receive from GD. I hope this is in the discussion for future updates. 


 Seth Anderson 

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Hello Seth,

I totally hear where you're coming from and understand how this would be useful for volunteers to have options when it comes to communications other than email. I'll be sure to share this with the team in our next meetup on enhancements.

Let me know if there is any ideas you'd like to share further on this topic and I'll be happy to submit it as well.

Thank you Seth!

All the best,


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