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Ability to Opt Out of Communications When Signing Up

Add a pre-checked box to the account registration field.  We would utilize a pre-checked box to opt folks in to receive communications from us.  They could uncheck the box to opt out.

We had been hoping for the same thing. In its absence, we just automatically add all new registrants to our monthly newsletter list and make note of this in our auto welcome message. But we would prefer to give folks the opportunity to opt out. 

Elise Browne Hughes

Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Hi! We discussed this suggestion in our enhancements meeting, and our team agreed that this option would be potentially problematic because volunteers can opt out of emails without realizing that they're opting out of important confirmations, updates to information, etc. We believe it's better for volunteers to have the option, but perhaps not at the very beginning of their Connect experience.

That being said, if more site managers express a need for this option, we are certainly willing to revisit it in the future.

Thanks so much for your input!

Nina Rogers

Content Manager

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