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Add private notes to a user

It would be very nice to be able to add notes to a user file that would be accessible just by the administrator. That way I could add a note about the volunteers I have for future reference. 

Hi, Bri! There is a currently and admin-only "Comments" field in the user profile if you access it through your site manager panel. Would that field meet your needs?



Are the comments here private or are they shared with the user? It says they are not shared publicly but I didn't know if that meant the individual user would be able to see them or not. 

They are not shared with the user. They are for admin use only!

That is perfect! Thank you so much for pointing this out! 

Happy to help, Bri!


As a follow-up, is it possible to add this admin note to the top of user's profile on the admin side? Or as an alert? 

Hi Katrina,

Thanks for posting to the forum! Happy to bring this note to the enhancements team that your suggestion is to put the user comments at the top of the user profile on the back end of the site. Would you mind clarifying what you mean as an "alert" however? Would the user comments appear as a pop up when a site manager accesses the user profile?

Thanks for answer those questions!

I hope you are well!

Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

Hi Maia - Yes, exactly. In other programs we use, an alert pops up when you access someone's profile if something is flagged on their profile (no longer eligible to volunteer, have special requests for volunteering, are currently enrolled as clients and have limitations as volunteers). It would be helpful to have some sort of alert option and/or flag on their profile if there's an important note for administrator's to see rather than needing to scroll to the comment section of each volunteer's profile to see if there's something we need to be aware of.

Hi, Katrina,

That's helpful for me to know!

This is what I'll pass on to the enhancements team:

"A pop-up alert for user profile's for special notes and flags."

I hope you have a nice rest of your week.


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

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Perfect. Thank you, Maia! I appreciate you passing the suggestion along. I hope you have a great week as well.

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