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 It would be fantastic to find a way where we can remove a volunteer response from a need without losing their historical data such as hours logged. We are utilizing our check in feature which produces a list of names under each need. When we no longer have a volunteer serving in a need we aren't able to take their name off the list because we will lose the historical data. Keeping an inactive volunteer on the list makes the list very long and cumbersome for other volunteers checking in. An improvement to that feature would be great!

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Hi, Jaclyn,

Hours logged are not lost if a response is deleted. Once the volunteer has worked and submitted those hours, they will remain on your site unless the volunteer or a manager removes them.

Regarding the check-in feature, I will bring this up to our enhancements team. I will suggest a way of maybe tagging a volunteer as "no longer active" so that they don't appear in the check-in list or in the user filter for email blasts.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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