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For my organization, the ability of volunteers to pick up/switch/drop shifts amongst themselves is a huge part of why we chose Galaxy. One slight change that would very helpful for us is to allow us to set a time frame where those changes can no longer be made without an admin approving them. 

For example, once it's 24 hours before a shift, we have in the past 'locked' the shifts, so that a volunteer needs to call our volunteer support staff to have the shift changed or dropped. The reason we've done this is that it flags any potential gaps in volunteer numbers in advance of the shift, and usually gives us enough time to bring someone in from our relief crew. While the volunteer support staff certainly does their best to keep any eye on shifts and cancellations themselves, it can be really easy to miss a late cancellation in the hectic environment of a festival.  

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Hi, Katherine,

Thanks for your suggestion! If I'm understanding you correctly, you're essentially looking for a "Closed Date" option for individual shifts, where each shift closes 24 hours in advance of the shift so that people can't make changes at the last minute.

This is not an idea that we have considered (to my knowledge), so thanks for bringing your use case to our attention. I will add this to our list of items to discuss at our next enhancements meeting.


Nina Rogers

Content Manager

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