Organization Activity Report date selection should be associated with "updated" or "last login" field

The Report "Organization Activity" is very useful to show which organizations have been actively using the site. The "date range" that allows you to select a specific time period, however is currently drawing from the "added" field - when the organization was added to the site. Not to either of the fields that would show activity - the "Updated" field or the "Last Login" field. We can get all we need by setting the date range back to the very start of our site and exporting. But I think that's not the best use of that date range option and is pretty confusing for admin in viewing that report. My suggestion is to associate it with the "updated" field and indicate that in the explanation on that page, or if that is difficult to actually take the date range selection off that page. 

Molly Callaway

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Molly, thanks for your suggestion and for explaining the problem so clearly. I will pass this on to our enhancements team.



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