Allow agencies to customize their own email templates

 I would like for a future enhancement of the site to include the option of allowing agencies to customize their own email templates.  In the few days that my agencies have been setting up their profiles, I've had two different agencies ask for their own customized email templates.

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Hi, Kristy,

Thanks for submitting your suggestion. I have a few questions for you so that I can get a better idea of your use case and possibly build a stronger argument for what you are asking:

  1. Your system has dozens of notification templates, so can you give me a little more information about which specific templates they want to be able to customize?
  2. Can you give me an idea of what types of customizations they would like to see? Are they wanting to be able to add a paragraph to the existing template, or just erase the default and create their own message?
  3. If they want to use their own message, would a possible compromise (for now) be to give them the option of adding an agency-specific paragraph? I can't promise anything, but I'm pretty sure that I could build a better case for the second option.

Thanks again for posting to our forums, Kristy! Once I hear back from you and get a better sense of the type of enhancement you'd like to see, I'll add it to the discussion list for the next enhancements team meeting.



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